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An experimental series of micro films inspired by a palette of colours chosen by David Hockney.

Colours aims to push the boundaries of multi-disciplinary filmmaking by forming collaborations between emerging and established artists to inspire, surprise and challenge each other.  

We are inviting artists from a wide variety of disciplines to produce a response to a colour, and then exploring innovative ways to integrate further art forms to develop a 60 second narrative for each film.

Colours is launching on social media platforms in 2021 and will be releasing films throughout the year.

Follow us on Instagram @newstudiosfilm

The first two films in the COLOURS series

BLUE RAID - a film by Louis-Jack, featuring Marcelino Sambé. 

Music by Timo Hietala with additional work by Alex Batchelor.

Choreography - Magnus Westwell

Costume design - Max Allen

CATCH ME - a micro-film by James Bonas, Helen Pickett and Grégoire Pont featuring My'Kal Stromile

to the music of Sergey Slominsky - "Cartoon with Adventures" played by Gala Chistiakova - piano

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